What To Expect

Crunch Conference is all about keeping you up to date in data utilization in order to develop your business by data engineers and scientists.

No matter the size of your company or the volume of your data, our main goal is to show you the greatest professional’s experiences and get you inspired in your work.

Undeniably it is one of the most rapidly changing areas in technology so we are in need of continuous learning, developing and growing with which Crunch can assist you.

What makes Crunch so special?

🔊We invite the best world-known speakers from diverse companies like Apple, Meta, and Shopify who cover the most trending, wide range of data engineering, science and BI/Analytics topics, technologies and ideas.

🎤With keynote sessions, hands-on talks and workshops, our speakers who are experts in their area can share their great knowledge and help you understand the data world on a deeper level.

🤩Our strong community can inspire everyone who attends to grow and improve with their team as you are able to network with nearly 500 international professionals during the 2 conference days.

🎥We provide most of the talks and their materials to you after the conference.

📍You can enjoy the wonderful city of Budapest for 3 days, where the event is taking place. Our venue is located in the heart of the city.