Torq Pagdin

Torq Pagdin

Torq Pagdin

Data Engineering Manager at Meta


Torq Pagdin is a Data Engineering Manager at Meta and has more than 25 years of experience working in the data engineering field.


He started his career with IBM as a DB2 developer before moving into Program Management and Solution and Data Architecture. Prior to Meta, Torq also worked for SKY, Expedia and Compare the Market where he led

teams of data engineers mainly in Product Analytics and Digital Marketing. In his roles he has been instrumental in supporting and growing DE teams and he has always championed the role of Data Engineering in making business and product decisions.


Adopting Product Sense as a Data Engineer


Our talk is about adopting a product management mindset as data engineers and why it is  critical for the evolution of our role. We call this product sense.

Product sense enables a data engineer to step outside the role of building to specification for a project and think more like a product manager. We will cover the different stages of developing a product mindset , and use examples from different types of product environments  and our experience of adopting product sense in these environments.

Having a product sense can help DEs  influence product decisions alongside software engineering, design, product management, data science, research, and other roles.