Peter Vidos

Peter Vidos

Peter Vidos

CEO & Co-Founder at Vizzu


Peter is the CEO & Co-Founder of Vizzu (

His primary focus is finding and utilizing use cases matching Vizzu's innovative data visualization and storytelling approach. Peter has been involved with digital product development for over 15 years. He worked on products covering mobile app testing, online analytics, data visualization, e-learning & educational administration. Still, building a selfie teleport for fun is what he likes to brag about when asked to share previous experiences.


Use animated data stories in Jupyter to present & share your findings with ipyvizzu-story

Data storytelling
Data visualization

Sharing and explaining the results of your analysis can be a lot easier and more fun when you can create an animated story of the charts containing your insights. ipyvizzu-story ( - a new open-source presentation tool enables just that with a simple Python interface within Jupyter & other computational notebooks and similar platforms. In this talk, one of the creators of ipyvizzu-story shows how their technology works and provides examples of the advantages of using animation for storytelling with data.