Maggie Hays

Maggie Hays

Maggie Hays

DataHub Community Product Manager at Acryl Data


Maggie Hays is the Community Product Manager for DataHub and part of the Founding Team at Acryl Data. She is passionate about building resources that allow data to be accessible, intuitive, and impactful for a wide spectrum of end-users so organizations can fully realize the power of data-backed decisions. Maggie is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for others to explore new technology, work collaboratively, and pursue life-long learning. You can find her regularly organizing data-focused hackathons, design sprints, mentoring programs, and more.


Data Swamp to Data Swimming Pool: Cleaning up the Mess with Modern Data Governance


Central Data Engineering and Data Platform teams face the unique challenge of bearing responsibility for the storage, transformation, and movement of data within an organization, without necessarily being responsible for (or knowledgeable about) the relevance, quality, or intended use of that data.

Introducing a central data catalog helps data consumers to discover what data exists, what it represents, and how it is meant to be used; unfortunately, those details rarely come for free and often require a coordinated governance initiative.

So, now that you’ve cataloged tens of thousands of data entities from multiple systems, tools, and platforms, how should you prioritize which assets are worth documenting, categorizing, annotating, and maintaining indefinitely?

In this talk, we will present a practical approach to supercharging your data governance initiative by surfacing and leveraging metadata readily available within your data ecosystem. We’ll take a close look at which metadata elements serve as meaningful signals so you can cut through the noise and govern the assets that matter most. You’ll walk away from this talk with clear next steps about how to manage the health and governance of your ever-growing data stack.