Kathleen Maley

Kathleen Maley

Kathleen Maley

VP, Analytics Products at Experian


Kathleen Maley is Vice President for Analytics Products for Experian Decision Analytics North America, where she leverages close to 20 years of deep expertise in business intelligence, analytics, predictive modeling, and machine learning to maximize the impact of business-centered analytical solutions.

An analytics thought-leader who charts the vision and course for modern analytics strategy, Kathleen has held various executive roles across the banking industry including regional banks in the Midwest and top-10 financial institutions like Bank of America.

Kathleen is a member of the International Institute for Analytics’ expert network, a volunteer statistician for Turner Syndrome Society of the United States, and a published writer and frequent speaker. She holds degrees in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College and Applied Statistics from University of Michigan. Previously, Kathleen taught high school mathematics and statistics in Costa Rica, Mexico and China.


Setting a foundation for analytics as a business utility (and loving my job)


Applying your analytical and data science skills can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line when the business is willing and able to take action. In this session I'll share the "core" skills needed to stand-out as an analytics thought leader and go-to strategic partner for the business. I'll also cover some of the partners' responsibilities for success and additional components of an effective engagement framework.