Ameesha Mittal

Ameesha Mittal

Ameesha Mittal

Data Engineer Manager at Meta Inc.


I am a Data Engineer Manager at Meta supporting Whatsapp Integrity Team. I started my career at Meta 3.5 years ago as a fresh grad Data Engineer. Prior to that during my Undergraduate studies in India I worked on several exciting projects and Interned at Fraunhofer Research Institute Germany, Facebook London and UNSW Sydney. A strong supporter of more diversity in tech,  I started an ACM for Women Chapter in my university and was also awarded the GHC (then anita borg) scholarship.

My strengths lie in effective data visualizations, storytelling and product influence.


Adopting Product Sense as a Data Engineer


Our talk is about adopting a product management mindset as data engineers and why it is  critical for the evolution of our role. We call this product sense.

Product sense enables a data engineer to step outside the role of building to specification for a project and think more like a product manager. We will cover the different stages of developing a product mindset , and use examples from different types of product environments  and our experience of adopting product sense in these environments.

Having a product sense can help DEs  influence product decisions alongside software engineering, design, product management, data science, research, and other roles.