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October 6, 10:30 - 11:15 CET
Proficiency + Creativity = Happy Data Practitioners
Data Conference
Level: General

Your data team has to produce reliable data. The pipelines must run, the logic in your transformations must be sound, and the report must show accurate revenue. But if that’s all you’re doing, your team is probably bored and your organization definitely isn’t getting as much value as it could out of its data.

Open-ended creative work is a huge part of the appeal of working in this field. Your teammates want to stretch new areas of their brains and find opportunities for meaningful impact. They find satisfaction in identifying opportunities to improve processes, appeal to new customers, or build better products. 

A fundamental challenge of data team management is balancing the need for rigor and reliability with the team’s desire to explore and create new knowledge. How do we manage those sometimes conflicting priorities? In this session, I'll share frameworks, tools and processes that make finding the right balance easier.

Crunch 2023 - Caitlin Moorman
Caitlin Moorman
Director of Product Analytics at Indigo Ag

Caitlin is Director of Product Analytics at Indigo Ag, where she helps build digital products that increase farm profitability via sustainable growing practices. She is also an editor and admin for Locally Optimistic, a blog and community for data practitioners. Prior to Indigo Ag, she spent a decade leading data teams in early- and mid-stage startups. When she’s not thinking about how to build he...