Crunch Conference

October 5-6, 2023
Live & Virtual
More than a conference...

Crunch Conference this year will be not only organized as an individual conference but as part of something new. Compass Tech Summit will bring together under one roof several tech conferences, such as Stretch, Reinforce, Amuse and Impact with topics like engineering leadership, UX/UI, data, AI and product management.

5in1 conference

This time you have the chance to join 4 other conferences along with Crunch Conference. How? Stretch, Reinforce, Crunch, Amuse and Impact conferences are going to be at the same time and same venue, so you can get a holistic experience.

Latest trends in Data

Learn about the latest trends in the topic of data from top notch speakers. Deepen your knowledge in NLP, product sense, sustainable machine learning or MLOps to elevate your business.

Inspiring speakers

Crunch Conference has industry leading experts who are coming from companies like Meta, Twitter, Apple, Shopify or Microsoft. They are all ready to share their experiences and great knowledge to help you succeed.


Keynote speakers
Crunch 2023 - Jordan Tigani
Jordan Tigani

Co-Founder & Chief Duck-Herder at MotherDuck

Crunch 2023 - MotherDuck
Crunch 2023 - Lea Pica
Lea Pica

Data Storytelling Advocate + Trainer at Story-Driven Data

Featured speakers
Crunch 2023 - Jean-Mathieu Saponaro
Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Data & Analytics Engineering Manager at Datadog

Crunch 2023 - Datadog
Crunch 2023 - Pardis Noorzad
Pardis Noorzad

CEO at General Folders

Crunch 2023 - Radovan Bacovic
Radovan Bacovic

Staff Data Engineer at GitLab

Crunch 2023 - Sonja Ericsson
Sonja Ericsson

Senior Software Engineer at Spotify

Crunch 2023 - Susannah Shattuck
virtual speaker
Susannah Shattuck

Head of Product at Credo AI

Crunch 2023 - Credo AI
Crunch 2023 - Theresa Johnson
Theresa Johnson

Product Manager at Airbnb

Crunch 2023 - Airbnb
Who is it for?

Perfect place for:

  • Data Engineers

  • Data Scientists

  • Data Architects

  • Data Analysts

or simply anyone who is interested in how to utilize data to develop their business.

Compass Tech Summit in numbers
Why people love Crunch Conference?
Crunch 2023 - Kathleen Maley
Kathleen Maley
"Crunch Conference was one of the best I have attended. The diversity of speakers and topics reflected the vast array of advanced analytics and data science applications, and I’m inspired to create new and meaningful partnerships in these spaces."
Crunch 2023 - Maggie Hays
Maggie Hays
"The conference attendees were very engaged during the sessions, asking tough and nuanced questions during the Q&A, demonstrating that they were deeply interested in the content."
DataHub Community Product Manager
/Acryl Data
Crunch 2023 - Continental
Crunch 2023 - BoschCrunch 2023 - EPAMCrunch 2023 - K&HCrunch 2023 - ZEISS
Crunch 2023 - DiligentCrunch 2023 - EricssonCrunch 2023 - Neuron SolutionsCrunch 2023 - SAP
Crunch 2023 - greehillCrunch 2023 - Shapr3D
Crunch 2023 - EkataCrunch 2023 - HearsayCrunch 2023 - Lufthansa SystemsCrunch 2023 - Mother DuckCrunch 2023 - Turbine
Professional Partners
Crunch 2023 - 6x6 TaxiCrunch 2023 - ApiumHubCrunch 2023 - ApiX-DriveCrunch 2023 - DevITJobsCrunch 2023 - ColossyanCrunch 2023 - IVSZCrunch 2023 - McKinsey DigitalCrunch 2023 - Qubit LabsCrunch 2023 - Startup Hungary
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Crunch 2023 - Crafthub
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