Crunch, Data Conference, October 16-18, 2019 Budapest
Andrea Burbank

Andrea Burbank

Data Scientist at Pinterest


Andrea Burbank is a data scientist at Pinterest, where she has spent the last six years leading experimentation and understanding organic and paid behavior on the service. Prior to Pinterest, she worked as a software engineer at Bing and as a natural language scientist on ranking and relevance at Powerset, a semantic search engine acquired by Microsoft in 2008. She has a BS in physics and a BA in linguistics from Stanford University.


Data as culture as software

data-driven culture
data democratisation

Six years at Pinterest illustrate how a data-driven culture both contributes to and arises from good software engineering practices. The talk will touch on building data infrastructure at a fast-growing company, data democratization, and how data science can help people to think more clearly about product and strategic decisions.