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Keshia Rose

Keshia Rose

Product Manager at Tableau


Keshia Rose is a Product Manager on Tableau’s Developer Platform team and focuses on Developer Evangelism. She enables customers and partners to extend the power of Tableau and integrate it with other systems. Before joining Tableau, she was working in the non-profit behavioral health field as an information analyst and has over five years of business intelligence experience. She enjoys solving problems that help people and organizations to achieve successful outcomes and in her spare time she goes to concerts, travels, cooks, and plays video games.


How to Get the Most Out of Your BI Tools

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BI tools

When it comes to data analytics, having a great BI tool is only part of the picture. Whether it’s connecting to unique data sources, embedding insights where you already work, automating processes and flows or customizing features; going beyond what comes in the box can make your BI tool a perfect fit for your business. As data analytics becomes more mission critical, being able to customize and seamlessly integrate your analytics with your business processes and other 3rd party systems can take your analytics strategy to the next level. After attending this talk you’ll know how to leverage your investment in analytics by integrating, customizing, automating, and extending your BI tool to fit the specific needs of your organization.