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András Fülöp

András Fülöp

Solutions Architect at Datapao


András is currently a Solutions Architect at Datapao where he helps companies to solve data related problems and teaching people how to use data analytics tools. He is also a Databricks instructor and teaches at Széchenyi István special college. Previously he was part of Lensa's Lab team where as a Data Scientist his main responsibility was to build and update the company's recommender system and deliver insights. Earlier he was working as lecturer at the University of Debrecen. In his spare time he loves creating video game prototypes.


Apache Spark™ Overview (Official Databricks Workshop)

big data
open source

This 1-day course is for data engineers, analysts, architects, data scientist, software engineers, IT operations, and technical managers interested in a brief hands-on overview of Apache Spark.

The course provides an introduction to the Spark architecture, some of the core APIs for using Spark, SQL and other high-level data access tools, as well as Spark’s streaming capabilities and machine learning APIs. The class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on labs.

Each topic includes lecture content along with hands-on labs in the Databricks notebook environment. Students may keep the notebooks and continue to use them with the free Databricks Community Edition offering after the class ends; all examples are guaranteed to run in that environment.