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October 5, 14:55 - 15:40 CET
Building Responsible AI in the Age of GPT: Best Practices from the Field
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Data Conference
Level: General

In the last year, generative AI has captured the world's attention—and made it very clear that we need to define guardrails for these incredibly powerful and flexible AI systems. This talk will skip the buzzword bingo to define the key features of a responsible AI system and how to measure and manage these features during development, from design to development to production. Responsible AI practitioner and product leader Susannah Shattuck, from Credo AI, will be sharing lessons learned from operationalizing responsible AI in the real world, with a focus on managing the risks of large language models and other generative AI systems.

Crunch 2023 - Susannah Shattuck
virtual speaker
Susannah Shattuck
Head of Product at Credo AI
Crunch 2023 - Credo AI

Susannah Shattuck is Head of Product at Credo AI, where she builds AI governance tools that help organizations design, develop, and deploy Responsible AI at scale. She has been working in MLOps and AI governance for the last seven years; her passion for Responsible AI can be traced back to her days on the IBM Watson implementations team, where she saw firsthand all of the things that can go wrong ...