Crunch 2023 - Sonja Ericsson
Sonja Ericsson
Senior Software Engineer at Spotify
About Sonja Ericsson

Sonja Ericsson, a senior software engineer, has dedicated the past five years to her role at Spotify. For three of those years, she has been a part of the Data Platform team, where she focuses on empowering engineers to productively transform data into business value. Notably, she and her team have embraced the open-source workflow orchestration platform, Flyte, which has become a important product within their technology stack. She and the different teams she's been a part of have been recognized through internal awards at Spotify. Sonja has gained experience across a variety of areas, including data science, backend development, and data engineering. Before joining Spotify, she worked for different companies within the music, finance, and edtech industries.

Empowering Diverse Data Use-Cases: Building Spotify's Next-Gen Workflow Platform using Flyte to Power +20k Workflows
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October 6, 11:25 - 12:10 CET

Flyte is an open-source workflow orchestration platform for building data, ML and analytics workflows with ease. In Flyte’s own words: "Build production-grade data and ML workflows, hassle-free. The infinitely scalable and flexible workflow orchestration platform that seamlessly unifies data, ML and analytics stacks." Sonja and her team has worked on introducing Flyte at Spotify after extensive an...