Crunch 2023 - Marek Suppa
Marek Suppa
Principal Data Scientist/Engineer at Slido/Cisco
About Marek Suppa

Marek stumbled upon AI as a teenager when building soccer-playing robots and quickly realized he is not smart enough to do all the programming by himself. Since then, he's been figuring out ways to make machines learn by themselves, particularly from text. When trying to apply some of these at Slido, an audience interaction platform, he accidentally found himself building a Data Warehouse and becoming the Head of Data in the process.


He currently serves as the Principal Data Scientist at Slido (part of Cisco), improving the way meetings are run around the world with the help of LLMs, lots of hacky code and a ton of boring technology (yes, like a Data Warehouse). Previously, he's been helping to build a private search engine at DuckDuckGo, which is where he learned most he knows about building something people want.


Building a (modern) data warehouse without breaking the bank
Data Conference
Level: General
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Crunch Stage
October 6, 15:40 - 16:25 CET

A Data Warehouse (DWH) is generally a substantial investment. Its whole point is to host and provide access to huge swaths of data, which needs to be loaded from external sources first, and if it is to be of any use, needs to be transformed into datasets that make sense and provide value to end users. Though it might not seem like a big deal at the beginning, it might end up being a quite costly i...