Crunch 2023 - Jordan Tigani
Jordan Tigani
Co-Founder & Chief Duck-Herder at MotherDuck
About Jordan Tigani

Jordan is co-founder and chief duck-herder at MotherDuck, a startup building a serverless analytics platform based on DuckDB. He spent a decade working on Google BigQuery, as a founding engineer, book author, engineering leader, and product leader.  More recently, as SingleStore’s Chief Product Officer, Jordan helped them build a cloud-native SaaS business. Jordan has also worked at Microsoft Research, the Windows Kernel team, and at a handful of star-crossed startups. His biggest claim to fame is predicting world cup matches using machine learning with a better record than Paul the Octopus.

MotherDuck: Data Analytics in the Post Big-Data Era
Data Conference
Level: General
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Crunch Stage
October 6, 09:10 - 10:10 CET

We’re entering an era where the most important feature is not the size of your data, but how you use it. Modern data analytics tools often presumes that they’re dealing with giant amounts of data. But most people don’t have huge data sets; and even those who do, tend to only use a small subset of their data at once. If you’re only working with medium data, how does that change how you design your ...