Crunch 2023 - Jean-Mathieu Saponaro
Jean-Mathieu Saponaro
Data & Analytics Engineering Manager at Datadog
About Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro is an engineering manager in the Data and Analytics department at Datadog. JM joined Datadog in 2015 when it was a startup of 100 employees. As the founding member of the Internal Analytics team, he served alternatively as Data Analyst, Analytics Engineer, and Data Engineer before taking on leadership roles. Today JM is leading the teams enabling self-serve analytics within Datadog.

As a regular speaker, JM has presented at various industry conferences and events, sharing his expertise on topics such as data pipeline architecture, data quality monitoring, and leveraging technologies for building scalable self-serve analytics tools.

Outside of work, you will probably find JM roaming the roads of the US or Europe (maybe in Provence in the south of France where he lives today) taking photos.

He is passionate about enabling people with data and is excited to share his knowledge with the audience at Crunch Conference, where he will be discussing the tools that scaled self-serve analytics up to 5000 employees at Datadog.

Scaling Self-Serve Analytics: The Tools Empowering 5000 Employees
Data Conference
Level: General
In schedule:
Crunch Stage
October 5, 16:00 - 16:45 CET

Self-serve analytics is the dream of any data & analytics team: reaching that point where everyone in your company is leveraging data to answer day-to-day questions and make decisions without requiring your team’s help. How to get and stay close to this ideal state as your company keeps growing with an expanding variety of data expertise and data needs?Discover how the data & analytics tea...