Péter Vidos

Péter Vidos

Péter Vidos

CEO & Founder at Vizzu


Peter has been involved in digital product development in the last 15 years as startup CEO/COO, mentor, freelancer & executive. Earlier products range from mobile beta testing, ad targeting & data visualization for decision support to building a selfie teleport just for fun.


Towards the Grammar of Animation


There are two things that the sudden popularity of racing bar charts taught us: 1. Who the most popular TikTokers, brands, bands, etc. were over time 2. Animation can be a great feature in dataviz when used right. The main benefits of the animation are pretty obvious: It helps the viewers follow along a story and brings another dimension that creators can use to plot data. But there are rules one has to abide by when using animated charts, otherwise chaos erupts. We have built a charting engine with the animation in focus from the ground up. We learned a lot about these rules along the way and how things fall apart when you break them. Now that we released our first tool: an open-source library to build morphing charts, we are thrilled to share our findings with you and invite you on a mission to find all the guidelines of the Grammar of Animation. In this talk, I’ll discuss the significance of using animation in dataviz, the building blocks of this new approach, and the rules we have identified so far.