Jordan Tigani

Jordan Tigani

Jordan Tigani

Chief Product Officer at SingleStore


Jordan is the Chief Product Officer at SingleStore, where he oversees the engineering, product and design teams. He was one of the creators of Google BigQuery, wrote two books on the subject, and led first then engineering and then the product teams. He is the veteran of several star-crossed startups, and spent several years at Microsoft working on bit-twiddling.


Keeping up in a data-intensive world with SingleStore


Modern applications' need for data data is increasing faster than traditional databases can keep up. This leads to ever-increasing numbers of single-purpose data sources, complicated consistency protocols and caching requirements. SingleStore was designed to handle workloads ranging from transactions to analytics to full-text search, all in one place. This session will describe how SingleStore was able to solve what many think is an impossible technical challenge, and will talk about how you can use it to build data-rich applications.