Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy Cohen

Product Manager at dbt Labs


Jeremy has been working to empower data teams with dbt for nearly four years. He got his start building modern data stacks for up-and-coming organizations as an Analytics Engineering consultant. Since then, he has been charting the course for the flagship open source product, dbt Core, and continuing to support its fast-growing community.


The Road to dbt v1.0


At the start of 2021, dbt was version-zero software; it was also being used in production at multiple Fortune 500 companies, running projects at a scale once unimaginable. Jeremy will discuss the foundational improvements to dbt Core that the team has prioritized—solidified metadata contracts, 100x speedups—as well as honorable mentions for exciting product features that didn't make the cut, all in the lead-up to releasing v1.0.0 later this year.