Jeffrey Theobald

Jeffrey Theobald

Jeffrey Theobald

Senior Staff Engineer at Zendesk


Jeff has spent the last two years locked inside his apartment, doing nothing but staring at a computer screen. Coincidentally this is also what he has done for the last decade in the software industry. Jeff has worked on all kinds of data processing systems in all kinds of frameworks and has developed a healthy mistrust of all of them. He is currently tech lead of a team in Zendesk providing datastore infrastructure. When he is not experiencing a range of emotions at computers, he spends his time practising drums, talking to his cat and making up excuses to avoid exercise.


My Awful Ex-Datasystems

case studies
war stories

We've all experienced heartbreak, spent long nights wallowing away in disappointment, entire weeks ruined by the smallest of mistakes, all the time wondering why on earth you keep trying when nothing seems to change. Data systems. They break your heart. In this session we'll dive into some typical data systems, based on actual production case studies. We'll discuss why they are so painful to work with, explore ways to fix them (or leave them) and reflect on why we seem to keep making the same mistakes. Let's learn how to get past them to build the data systems of our dreams.