Dániel Antal

Dániel Antal

Dániel Antal

Data Scientist & Co-Founder at Reprex BV


Daniel Antal is an experienced data scientist, consultant, economist, and the co-founder of Reprex, a Netherlands-based startup that brings the benefits of big data to small organizations with shared resources and research automation. He is also a research affiliate at the Centre for Competition Policy. Daniel has 20 years’ experience in consulting on areas of strategy, acquisitions, regulated prices, and competition law. He holds a quantitative economics degree, and economic regulation degree, and he is a CFA charterholder. As a quantitatively trained financial economist, he uses a variety of sound valuation methods, corporate finance models, forecasting tools and economic impact analysis for his recommendations, and applies the standards and ethical guidelines of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute.


Open Data - The New Gold Without the Rush


Every year, the EU announces that billions and billions of data are now “open” again, but this is not gold. At least not in the form of nicely minted gold coins, but in gold dust and nuggets found in the muddy banks of chilly rivers. There is no rush for it, because panning out its value requires a lot of hours of hard work. Our goal is to automate this work to make open data usable at scale, even in trustworthy AI solutions.