Chloe Goh

Chloe Goh

Chloe Goh

Data Science Manager at Facebook


Chloe is a Data Science Manager in the Workplace team in London. Her team focuses on driving employee engagement and growing company culture for organisations globally. Chloe was born in Malaysia and came to study in the UK in 2005. She holds a Ph.D. in Oncology Genetics from Cambridge University and prior to Facebook, she worked in the Financial Services for 5 years, specialising in customer acquisition strategies and product pricing analytics. Prior to moving to Workplace, Chloe has spent 3 years as a Data Scientist in Facebook Ads. Outside work she enjoys dancing, cooking/ baking and eating.


Data scientists at FB and how we drive product decisions


Roles of a data scientist can differ by industry and company. In the first part of my talk, I will give an overview of different data roles at Facebook and go a little deeper into what a ‘Product Data Scientist’ does. Following this, I will walk through my past project and share a framework of how I as a data scientist contributed to data-driven decisions for my product team.